19 May 2018 - The President of the Society of Performing Arts Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Mr. Arthur E. Lee along with Vice President Mr. Emmanuel Chee had the privilege of meeting up with the organising chairman of the annually held Bazzar Music Fest, Bro Langau, earlier today.

Among the many issues that were discussed during the meeting includes the collaboration between the Kota Kinabalu Arts Fest and Bazzar Music Fest, both scheduled to happen in August-September this year. 

"We are bringing the Bazzar Music Fest franchise under the umbrella of the Kota Kinabalu Arts Fest and SPArKS will be supporting Bro Langau in his initiative of bridging the gap between the talents and the public as the cause truly relates to what SPArKS is all about", said Lee.

Scheduled for 8 weeks in August and September this year, the Kota Kinabalu Arts Fest will feature numerous performing arts programs which will be announced in June 2018. 

Emmanuel Chee (L - SPArKS Vice President), Bro Langau (Center), Arthur E. Lee (R - SPArKS President)